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Monday, 24 November 2008

28 week check up

I just got back from seeing the midwife. She said baby's head is laying down, he has a nice strong and fast heartbeat of 167bpm. I'm measuring 33cm now (from top to bottom of my uterus) whatever that means? huh.gif lol

I'm getting checked again for Cholestitis (that's so not spelled right but i'm not about to check it) due to my severe itching. My friend also has that condition, she is 5 weeks ahead of me and is in hospital as we speak being induced!!!! Puts it into perspective! Although I was expecting to be induced early becasue of that anyway.

Shannon if you read this, have you had any signs yet?

I told her I'm starting to fear the birth now as the last one was only an hour long, so she's put repetative notes to say that my labour is expected to be very quick (she used a medical term but I forgot it), I'm sure it'll be hours long after saying that though lol

I have to have a blood test tomorrow to check for Cholestasis or however you spell it????

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