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Saturday, 15 November 2008

Draven, my genius!

Draven turned two in July (17th) and he can count to 26 all by himself. He can do the whole entire alphabet by himself (but misses the letter K :) ) he has learned to do sign language from a website www.starfall.com by my sister sitting with him.

I took him to the doctors the other day to see if there was anything wrong with him (yes the doctor laughed at me) because he's so clever! And while we were in the waiting room there's a table there for kids that says "Finger Fun" on it, so Draven spells the whole thing out... F.I.N.G... right through to the N in Fun!!

I'm sure other mum's don't believe me, but I swear he can!! :D

I was amazed that by the age of two he could count to 20 by himself, and he's gradually increasing the amount. However, at 18 months he only knew 4 words let alone do any counting, so God only knows what happened to him this year, but I'm loving it!! :lol:

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