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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Bad pregnant day

We decided to get on the train to a couple of town's away to do some Christmas shopping. I didn't have FAR to walk so I figured all would be ok.

But from me walkting to the Train station from our house (NOT far at all), onto the train, then off again, apparently decided to kill my feel and back!

Once we got off the train, I couldn't believe how much pain I was in already, I joked about getting a cab to the market (again, not far from the station) but by the time I got to the market I was walking like a snail and in the shittiest mood EVER!!

I kept snapping at Shane, until I said "I'm going home, you do what you like" (try storming off though when you look 15 months pregnant and can barely walk as it is!! HAHA)

So anyway, (stupidly) walking back towards the station, I get to a road where it's either change your stubborn mind, or actually go home after doing NOTHING since arriving.

So Shane starts to hold me and he explains how he doesn't know how much pain I'm literally in, only what I can tell him etc, and then he said "I can do the Christmas shopping if you like, you get a cab home, and me and Draven can look for some things, it's no sweat for me"

That's when I burst into tears in the street and whined like a little girl "BUT I WANTED TO DO THE CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!"

OMG there were passers by staring and I knew I looked a fool but I couldn't stop! I really felt like a 5 year old trying to explain to my mum how much I wanted that doll or something!?

So Shane hugged me and wiped my tears, suggesting we go and sit in Starbucks for a while and then see how I feel, lukilly I did feel better and managed to last another 4 hours - whew!

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