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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

My life story so far...

I'm Heather, I'm 29 years old, born in London, UK.
I'm married to an American guy called Shane, we met on yahoo chat in 1999 as both had similar sign in names and discovered we had the same fav band, I had a huge crush on his profile pic lol but figured ahh he's all the way over in America, I'll never even get to meet this guy, that wasn't even our intension anyway.
5 years passed, I broke up with my ex, he broke up with his and we started emailing every day, and chatting on yahoo every day. Within days to weeks, it turned to phone calls. Major butterflies in our tummies with every phone call & email. Then 6 months later we took the plunge and he flew to England for a 3 month visit to see how we'd work out. When he flew back home to America in October 2004 that's when we knew we were definitely in love and couldn't stand a long distance relationship anymore, so in Feb 2005 he flew back over for 2 weeks for my birthday, proposed to me, and in July 2005 I flew out there and we got married in Indiana where he lived. We went straight to Chicago and got his Spouse visa and flew back to England a week later.

I went straight back to work after getting married, I used to work for a Property Management Company in 2005. THREE MONTHS later I found out I was pregnant (not planned!), I actually took the test in my lunch break assuming I'll get my period the next day and the whole thing would be a waste of money (as I had cramps), but sure enough that positive line came up right before the other line did - I had a panic attack! lol

I must've conceived the weekend we spent in Scotland 3 weeks prior for my nan's 80th birthday. All I could think about was being pregnant, but I was terrified - I can't give birth, I freak out over a paper cut!!
To my surprise when the big day came, I was REAL trooper! I spent the whole 9 months guaranteeing on an epidural, but when B day came, there was no time! I was in hard fast labour! BUT the midwife didn't believe I was even in real labour and offered me a paracetamol!
I had to push before Shane and my mum even arrived!! (I was already in hospital due to a terrible headache) I asked the midwife for an Epi and after she was about to check how dilated I was she said "it's too late, there's the head, BIG PUSH!". So much for not being in REAL labour!!!
My active labour lasted 1 hour and 4 minutes and I pushed for 14 minutes of it - VERY quick for a 1st baby!!! Luckilly Shane and my mum arrived just in time and were there for 9 minutes of the pushing!
At 2:34am 17th July 2006, Draven Robert Conway was born, 7lbs 7.5oz - he's PERFECT!

Although the labour was quick, I was actually quite traumatized by the whole thing, I wanted my husband there for my labour, not 9 minutes of pushing, if the stupid midwife had believed me when I told her I was in labour, then maybe she'd have called him, but she didn't believe me until she saw my son's head!
I swore I'd never have another baby again!

I was the type of girl who would never have kids unless I could pick one up from a store! And now, I'm all about pregnancy and motherhood, I love the whole thing! I'm pregnant again now with my second, this time we planned it, and what a wonderful (although very quick!) experience it was trying to get pregnant!

We decided at the end of May to start trying (yeah I know, I swore I wouldn't do it!), May 31st to be exact, and the very next day I felt myself ovulate (I can physically feel it) and I just knew our baby was being made right then and there!
The next week or so my tummy felt very tender, I just knew I was pregnant. I did maybe 5 tests (all before the 14 days of course!) and they all turned out negative, so on the 15th June, exactly 14 days after I ovulated (and Father's day), I did the test again, and there it was - my BFP!
I'm still pretty stunned that it happened so fast, and as happy as I am that it did happen at all, I was kind of expecting to be "trying" for a few months, so again it came as quite a shock haha!

ADDED: Brandon Ash Conway was born at Princess Alexandra Harlow Hospital in Essex, England at 00:04am on Saturday, 14th February 2009 7lbs 7oz

My whole life story :)

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