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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

We're on our way to the US of A!

At Gatwick Airport, Brandon's eating a sugar ring donut

We saw people singing in some weird snow globe looking thing, then suddenly they introduced Olly from the X-factor! He started to sing that superstition song by Stevie Wonder.

So now we're on our way, we're on the plane and looking forward to being in America again.
I got a shot of the boys being good on the plane!

It took a LONG 25 hours since leaving the house in England, but here we are, home at last!

Brandon with Grandma

Draven loves American food!


Monday, 14 December 2009

Fake British Christmas

As we're going to be in America for Christmas again this year and Linda will be in Scotland, my mum decided to put on an early Christmas for us again like we did last time we went to the states for Christmas.

My mum helping Draven open some presents

Mum's Christmas Tree

We decided to go for party food this year as we'd all be getting turkey soon anyway ;)

Cute napkin ;)

Mince Pies!!

My sister Pauline with my mum in her silly holiday hat lol

Some cute decs

My Nan :)

My sister Linda singing... again!

Draven can't watch Linda sing! lol

4 generation picture!