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Wednesday, 5 November 2008

It pisses me off!

If they're not telling you what you can eat & drink, or telling you how big or small you look - then they're telling you how you'll never know what 8 hours of sleep is again and that you'll be elbow deep in nappies (diapers).

What BULL!

Maybe I'm one of the lucky ones in the minority, but I'm pretty sure I'm part of the majority that can honestly say that motherhood is NOT about sleepless nights and poopy diapers. Motherhood to me, is enjoying watching my baby grow into a wonderfully enjoyable happy little boy! It's EXTREMELY rewarding!

I've NEVER smiled so much as I have since having Draven. On a daily basis he literally cracks me up! He's such a funny little guy, he's really at an age now where he can interact and I'm so proud of him! He can count straight to 26 all by himself, he can do sign language, he can do the whole alphabet (with a little help) and he can spell things out (like when I was at the docs last week there was a toy that said "finger fun" and Draven stood their pointing to the letters... F I N G E... right to then N at the end of fun! And why were we at the doctors? Because I thought he could be Autistic due to his (IMO) extreme cleverness! Thank God he's not, he really is just a clever little boy smile.gif

I just can't stand it when people generalise about motherhood and assume you'll be a tired wreck for the rest of your life because you had a baby...!?! It's just not true! rolleyes.gif

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