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Sunday, 19 April 2009

What a difference (again)

This is Brandon on 19th February, 5 days old
user posted image

Brandon on 19th April same outfit but with a vest (onesie) underneath.
(yes he has girly booties on, but I'll never have a girl so he'll just have to lump it! LOL)
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A close up of the booties haha
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A cute one of Shane holding him later that night ..smile.gif..
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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

My sons and their uncles

Between Shane's brother and my brother, my kids have some good looking uncles lol

I think Brandon looks a lot like Mike, Shane's brother, while Draven looks a lot like David, my brother.

Here's Mike (Shane's brother)
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Posted Image

My brother the poser lol
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HILLARIOUS picture of Brandon!

Brandon in April 2009


"ok I'm bored now mummy, they get it, I'm cute!" tongue.gif

Thursday, 2 April 2009

My poor baby

Brandon has a yeast infection in his mouth. He's most likely to have caught it on his way out into the world as I've suffered on and off with them for years, and had one at the end of the pregnancy (and this past week).

I called the out of hours doctors surgery and spoke to such a rude & nasty doctor telling me this isn't an emergency. Ummm he's 6 weeks old, he's ratty as hell, his mouth is infected - it IS an emergency!

I noticed it earlier on today and thought it looked like it could be, then when he became increasingly fussy tonight I realised I'm 99% sure it's Thrush (what we call a yeast infection).

As soon as the doctor agreed that's what it is, my mum looked at me in shock and said "well done Heather, your mother's intuition is on top form!" lol That made me feel pretty good, although I wished I'd been wrong.

He has mouth drops now to clear it up & help sooth it. I've had it vaginally since Friday and it's hurt like hell, I hope my poor little baby doesn't have it as bad :(

Stupid NICU

I've JUST got Brandon's blood results back from Feb 23rd when he had his Thyroid checked, and that's only because I've called the 2 times today buggin them for answers!

Every time I call they're too busy to talk to me (on and off over the past month). I understand that they're busy with sick babies there, I really do, but someone must have a chance to tell me if my son's sick or not?!

I asked her why I've not received a letter or anything with the results and she said they don't send out letters they call with the results then told me someone must've called me - I think I'd have remembered that!!

Thank God his results are all normal and he's ok :) phew!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Brandon's weight at 7 weeks old

He'll be 7 weeks old on Saturday and now weighs 9lbs 11oz :D