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Sunday, 8 November 2009

We're moving to America!

Shane and I decided in September that we're going to take the plunge and move to America! We'd not long ordered tickets to go out and visit his family for Christmas anyway so they can all meet the newest Conway, Brandon.

So initially we naively thought we might get done in time for December and just not come back. But after looking into the process more closely we realised it'll take longer than that.

Also, I want Brandon to have his 1st Birthday in England (if he'll be having the rest in America anyway), and I want my 30th in England with all my friends and family!!!

So now we're thinking around April time would be a nice time to move out there.

We got the ball rolling straight away and Shane sent off an I-130 petition for me. Then we made an appointment at the US Embassy in London for the boys to obtain their US Citizenship and US passports for October 2, 2009.

It all went very smoothly although it was a long day. We found out that by taking Draven to the States in 2007 on his UK passport, we'd actually broken the law!! No one who has claim to US Citizenship can enter America on any other foreign passport ~ OOPS! Thankfully they knew we had no idea and it was a genuine mistake.

A week later we got their passports though and certificate of birth outside the US.

We also recently got a letter through to say that my petition's been APPROVED! The next step is for me to arrange a medical at the US Embassy in London, and to fill out the relevant forms and arrange an interview at the Embassy.

We've decided not to do that until we come home in January after our trip as we need to save up for spending money etc while we're out there for our visit. The visa can wait until we return to England.

Last week we got Draven's Social Security card through the mail, now we're just waiting on Brandon's. So it's official, my boys are little American boys and can go to and from the US and the UK without any Visa concerns such as Shane and I will always have.

I'm really looking forward to moving out there, assuming all goes well with my visa. Shane's promised me a white picket fence to go around our house.

Mum, if you're reading this, I know you'll miss us but just remember, this is the path my life was always going to take, it's fate and the boys will benefit greatly x

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