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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

I think Brandon will be crawling soon

Draven never did crawl, he bum shuffled. But Draven wasn't much for rolling & tummy time either, whereas Brandon loves to roll onto his tummy and lean right up to be nosey :lol:

So Brandon 1st rolled over when he was 4 months old to the day. 14the June he rolled over from back to belly rolling over his left side to do it.

Last week he learned to roll from belly to back.

Then over the weekend he learned to roll back to belly again over on his right side.

So basically he can now roll in any given direction, belly to back, back to belly etc.

Now... he's bringing his knees up and shuffling forward on his belly. It really won't be long until he realises if he uses his hands too, he can really go places with this! :lol:

He's already making his way all over the floor without actually crawling... I dread the upcoming months! :o lol

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