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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Bye Bye Baby Swing!

I can't keep the swing anymore :(

I noticed last night when Brandon was in it that he likes to poke his head out the side to watch Draven play with his Thomas trains.

I forgot he likes to do this now, so I put him in the swing this morning and thought nothing of it. Then I saw his head had gone through the side (between the plastic bar that holds the rattles, and the metal bar that holds the swing up!).

I couldn't pull it out! :o

I tried to twist him, turn him, nothing worked. So in a panic I called my mum and told her to get over here asap (this was at 6:55am!). I then called Shane and told him (he was about to walk into work). So I tried again to free his head and faced him down and pulled his head free ~ YEAY!!!

I called my mum quickly and told her not to worry (she was already halfway here having woken dad up to give her a lift ~ oops! lol). Then I called Shane and told him Brandon's out. Shane said he's proud of me for not going into complete panic mode (I panic quickly over my kids!) and dealing with the situation lol.

I'm so glad I got his head out though or else I'd have had to call the fire brigade! :huh:

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