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Thursday, 5 February 2009

So I will be induced early in this pregnancy also :(

My excitement over the Cholestasis not being back yet was short lived. It's not back and it doesn't look like it will be. But due to the diabetes, they want to induce me.

They asked when's best for me, so I said I'd like the weekend at home if I can, and opted for Monday.

I almost broke down then and there and started crying. I wanted to go into labour so much on my own this time. I figured when my blood came back normal for the bile acids that I'd be able to do that! But no. He gave me the option to refuse induction, but I'm not about to put my desires before the baby's needs, so I agreed to be induced.

I have 4 days. You never know, I could go into labour on my own before then?

I'm just so scared it'll be another super quick labour. I know that sounds wonderful, but it's a true shock to the body, I'm really terrified!
I'm trying to stay positive about it
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