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Saturday, 21 February 2009

Scary scary moment!

When I went to bed!

Shane had tucked Brandon in for me while I stayed up to pump. I checked on him in his crib next to our bed and all I could see were blankets... So I checked our bed thinking surely he hasn't put him to bed with us... no, still can't see Brandon.

So I put my hand in his crib and I feel his tiny body under the blankets!!! He had the blanket up over his head entirely!! I almost DIED then and there!!! THANK GOD he was ok and breathing fine etc!!! I dread to think if I'd stayed up any later!!

I got into bed and freaked out on Shane about being careful how he lays him down of a night!
It's not his fault though, he wasn't to know.

I'm just so glad he's ok, what a scary moment! I couldn't wait for him to wake up for a feed so I could cuddle him!!!

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