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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

He's so sweet!

I think Shane's got me some Lucky Charms or something for Christmas. And I know you may be thinking that's jewlery, but I actually mean the cereal, and yes that makes me happier right now than if it was actual jewelled charms laugh.gif

I've had a ridiculous craving for them! But you can only get them in REALLY pricey American food stores, it's like £8 per box (a standard fairly small sized box!), which is roughtly $15!!! Yes, can you imagine paying $15 for cereal?!?! CRAZY!

The reason I'm thinking he's done this, is because I just looked in his art desk thing, and he has a linen bag thing in there from Majika's Kitchen, which is the name of the store!

BUT!! Silly, but caring man... It's a pregnancy craving! I don't want them for Christmas, I want them NOW!!!!! lol

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