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Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I feel so bad for Draven

It's the 3rd Tuesday since kids have gone back to school and it's the 3rd Tuesday that it looks like he won't be going to playchool again (I go with him every Tuesday morning, until January when he's joing the pre-school bit and I leave him there for a couple of mornings (or afternoons) per week).

The 1st week he was sick and had a bad cold. Last week we both slept in due to a bad Monday night. This week he's up at 6:30am (thanks Shane for making a noise as you leave for work!!) and it's now 8:15 and he's tired and wants to go back to bed.

I can't keep missing it! Yet at the same time they need to appreciate he's only 26 months old and things like this WILL happen. I just don't want him to lose his spot at pre-school because of this. Maybe I should call them and say afternoons would be better or something, although usually he naps at around 2pm.

Ugh, I don't know what to do over this, should I just HOPE he can make it next week?! huh.gif

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