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Sunday, 14 September 2008

I can SEE my belly move!!

I thought the baby moved my belly the other day but it was definitely a good few inches above my belly button so it's doubtful that it was the baby.

But since yesterday I keep getting consistent movement, it's SO FAINT but it's little tiny kicks now and I can see my belly shake so suddenly and it's so discreet, you have to already be looking and even then you might not see it (like my mum didn't see it earlier, but I did, I think that's because I felt it also).


Shane felt the baby kick last night!!!! He wasn't 100% sure (yeah tell me about it!! lol) but he said it was exactly where I felt it so I think it was.

I wonder what it'll be like this time next week? A week makes such a difference, I love this stage so much!!!

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