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Friday, 10 August 2012

Update on the house

We have 3 rooms that aren’t being used right now in the new house.  Two of those rooms won’t be used for some time until some serious work goes into them.  But there’s a small room at the back which is dirty but fully functional.

Shane surprised me today, since when he finished work yesterday, he said he’s happy and relieved because he can’t relax this weekend and not worry about fixing up the house, he can afford to take a weekend off from it since we’ve already achieved so much with the living room, the place is livable now, and that was always the main thing.  So he really surprised me when suddenly he got to work on the little room that comes off the kitchen onto the yard.

First he was emptying the room, and then vacuuming the floor, then suddenly he’d taken the carpet up and the room was empty.

It’s good to see him so passionate about the house, he’s not taken a break yet from working on it, and he seems to be really enjoying it too.  Like me, I think he has some genuine pride in this home.  This really does feel like the home we’ve been working towards our whole lives together.

Our friends Josh and Michelle showed up later to help us with the house.  Shane and Josh went to Menards to get some paint for the kitchen, some dry wall and insulation.  I love that Shane’s asking my thoughts on paint colors etc.  I chose the paint for the living room last week, I wanted something warm and homely, so I saw a lovely color called “coffee kisses” I told Shane it’s perfect as we both love coffee and kisses lol.  While looking for paints for the living room though, I saw another paint I liked; I picked it out and told Shane this is for the kitchen!  He told me to forget about the kitchen right now as we’re focusing on the living room, and then told me to hold onto the color for when we’re ready for the kitchen.

As the daughter of a painter and decorator, living in a half decorated house all the time as a kid, I didn’t expect we’d be painting the kitchen for another month or so, so I was really surprised when we got on to that today!  When I picked out the paint for the kitchen walls, I’d also picked out a nice lighter color for the ceiling too.  We’re going to be painting the ceiling tomorrow and giving the kitchen a second coat.  The color is fantastic!!  I love it!  I just realized we’ll have to paint the door in the kitchen leading to the small back room, I think we should paint that the same color as the ceiling.

It’s all coming together nicely! J

I should be getting my tumble dryer tomorrow; I’m really looking forward to that!!  And I’d love to get some drawers or something; we definitely need somewhere to put all our clothes!

So after another day working on the house, I just had a lovely shower in our own shower in our own bathroom, and now I’m listening to Aerosmith in my headphones, typing this out while Shane’s STILL painting.  I’m about to force him to quit, and enjoy what little we have left of the night to some comedy on the telly from the comfort of our bed seeing as it’s in the living room at the moment haha!

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