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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Little moan about Etsy!!!!

I just looked on Michelle’s phone to check on my shop to see if I’ve had any messages or sales (Yeah I know, supposed to be using this time to chill from my shop).  No sales, boo!  Even worse though, I had a message from Etsy saying they deposited my earnings into my account twice last Thursday by mistake, so I can expect a debit from Etsy in the next 5 days!

Well thanks a f**king lot Etsy!  I don’t have money in my account to cover that!  We’ve been spending on the house and I’m all tapped out!  I can’t even go and put cash into my account to cover that and any charges that may incur because I have no cash left either!  I’m sure Etsy admin won’t read any notifications I have in my shop, but I have stated that I won’t have internet for the next week and the date from which that will apply, so I shouldn’t have even read that message yet, and wouldn’t know anything about anything coming out of my account, so their message to me is useless at the moment.

Ugh, I don’t know, this is just a little business vent between painting the kitchen.

Well, I have a little 3 year old angel right now wanting to hug his mummy, so over & out bloggers!

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