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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Draven's 1st ear infection :(

Draven has his 1st ear infection, which is pretty good going as he turned 3 in July! But because it's his 1st, the all nighter with constant hugs and not even being able to pee without him crying for me was a total shock to my system! lol

My mum's offered to have him overnight tonight as I've had 4 nights in a row (although not all as bad as last night!) between Draven and Brandon.

All 4 of us have bad colds :( It's so heartbreaking to see my little baby (Draven) crying with pain all night! I cried several times myself!

Hense the diet is a distant memory this week! I've been living off hot sugary tea (with Milk of course, being English lol) and toast drenched in butter! :lol:

I dread to think what I've gained, but oh well, these things happen, back to it once we're all 100% (once I am at least anyway!)

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