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Monday, 3 August 2009

I'm starting the Cambridge Diet today!

I started the cambridge diet today where you're estimated to lose about 14lbs per week! So I went to the consultant on Thursday and was weighed, but we agreed due to my busy weekend that I would start today. So anyway Thursday night I had Chinese, Friday we had Pizza Hut, and Saturday night we had an Indian & loads of wine & beer (TERRIBLE 3 days in a row, I know!), then yesterday we had a BBQ for my nan's birthday and there was cake etc too!

So I got on the wii fit today and I weighed the exact same amount I did on thursday! That's virtually impossible after the weekend I've had! laugh.gif

I can't wait to weigh myself tomorrow to see how much I've lost. They tell you to weigh yourself DAILY because it's such a quick weightloss and to see it go down daily is encouraging. I'm hoping to lose 3lbs by tomorrow because then I'd have reached my wii fit target lol.

I'm going to take weekly pic, by Christmas I should be almost at target weight. I can't wait to see my body shrink! I look sooooooooooo pregnant right now! ohmy.gif

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