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Sunday, 14 June 2009

Scary Bath Experience!

I was bathing Brandon this evening, and he's such a wriggler now, I was trying to hold onto him with my left arm & hand, supporting his back and head etc. I was leaning him back to rinse his hair off and he suddenly turned around and I lost grip of him. He went right under the water!

I pulled him out straight away and he wasn't breathing. I blew on his face to kick start his breathing. Nothing. I freaked out! I lifted him up with my left hand on his chest, faced him down and patted his back, he then started to choke up the water.

I wrapped him in a towel and he threw up. I just held him so close to my chest, he was fine but I was in bits, crying so hard!

Shane came over to me and said "stop crying, he's fine!" so I snapped at Shane and said "I'm shaken, can you please just let me cry!"

That's right up there with Draven choking on a jar of baby food years ago to the point he went purple, for scaryness! Absolutely awful! I wouldn't wish it on anyone! sad.gif

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