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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Implanon

I went to the docs two weeks ago to talk about the implant in my arm for contraception. She said it must be fitted at the start of my cycle for it to be effective (or to work immediately anyway).
So as luck would have it, I ovulated that morning so I booked up to have it done this morning, knowing I'd have my period (and boy do I have my period! ouch!)

But then yesterday I got a call from the doctors to say that the divvy receptionist had booked me in with Dr. Henderson instead of Dr. Dorman (Dr. Dorman is the ONLY doctor medically trained to carry out the procedure). So she had to cancel on me and told me we'll have to wait another month because Dr. Dorman is on a course - TYPICAL!

With my friend 3 months pregnant after having her baby a few weeks before Brandon, I didn't want to run the risk and I'm sick of condoms. So I was MEGA pissed off about the balls up!

But then a friend on facebook told me they can do it at the family planning clinic on Tuesday evenings. I got my period yesterday morning so the timing couldn't be more perfect!

So at 7pm (it's between 7pm and 9pm) I called them up and explained what had happened and that I've had the pre-councelling, I've got my period, I have the implant picked up from the chemist, I'm all ready to go! Thankfully they had a spot available and fit me in... but guess who was doing it - Dr. Dorman! lol WTF?! I guess it's a local course in London or something during the day if she's still working in town in the evenings.

Anyway, I managed to get it done, and I'm so relieved to be safe for 3 years! However I have some huge bruising going on! It feels really weird!

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