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Thursday, 20 September 2012

I'm so proud of my little American!

We went to the parent teacher conference yesterday and I've never been so proud!
As soon as we walked in, she said "you must be Draven's parents!" having looked at Brandon haha!
She told us she took one look at Brandon and knew straight away who we are lol

She said he's a pleasure to have in her classroom, a fine addition to the classroom (I'm beaming!).  Then she said "WOW can he read!" haha!  I said "yes, he's been reading with ease since he was four years old" she told us she was shocked how he just knew everything already!

We were then given a piece of paper saying how many words per minute Draven is reading at the moment, and what they expect him to be able to read by the time he finishes first grade.  He's expected to be able to read 52 words per minute by the time he finishes first grade, however, right now at the start of first grade, he's reading 86 words per minute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took a photograph of this paper, I'll add it here later 

I'm so proud, so proud, so proud, so proud!!!!!

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