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Thursday, 14 January 2010

I will NEVER fly again!

Oh it was a TERRIBLE trip! From walking out of Shane's mum's house, back into our own in England, took 30 hours!!!!

When we got to the airport at Indianapolis, they told us that our seats are NOT reserved for the London flight, and in fact we're not even sitting together! They expected us to board an 8 hour flight and sit my son Draven down somewhere while I left him to go find my own seat... No f**king way!

I asked a man if he would mind swapping seats with us, but of course he turned on his "I speak no English" bull so he could sit with his tranny looking wife, never mind a 3 year old sitting alone, right?
Thankfully a couple in front of him overheard me say "I'm not leaving him on his own, I'll get right off the plane if I have to" and they kindly swapped with us.

By this time a flight attendant noticed what was going on, asked if we were separated and she came back and told us she found 3 seats together (she moved some kind offering people).

Shane and I were arguing once up in the air. I'm petrified of flying and he was being a dick! I told him I'm never flying again, screw moving to America, every time I get on a plane it's for HIM and I refuse to do it again because he turns into an unsupportive dick. Of course though, he did just say goodbye to his family again so I can understand his mood, but he's still a dick for taking it out on me, the girl sitting there waiting to die!

As we got closer to the UK, they told us that London Gatwick was shut down due to the snow. The very reason we delayed the flight for a week! The very situation we paid $600 to avoid!!!
We ended up in Manchester. They had us sat on the plane once it had landed for FOUR HOURS!!! I was DESPERATE for a cigarette. I was close to just lighting up in the bathroom and accepting federal charges against me! lol But I held it together, just!

Once they decided we are in fact stuck in Manchester, they let us off the plane. No strollers waiting for us as their had been before! So as well as hand luggage, we had to hold onto Draven and Brandon! Well Draven walked but he was screaming a mega tantrum because he was tired and wanted to be held.

I felt like my arm was going to break holding Brandon and two coats in one arm, luggage in another!
Some weird Arab woman offered to hold Brandon on the tram thing that took us from the plane to the airport... yeah right, get the f**k up and just let me sit down woman! So I'm holding onto the pole thing with one hand and holding Brandon in another... Draven's still screaming! Shane's turning red with rage...

By the time we got through customs to wait for the strollers (which should've been waiting for us the second we got off the plane, but weren't!) and the luggage... I sat down and just cried! We're in England, I'm "home" but I'm a 6 hour drive away from the airport we were supposed to land... and that's a 2 hour drive anyway from where we live...! I just want to lay down! It'd been 20 hours since I had a cigarette by now... I needed one bad! lol

Finally we have the strollers and the luggage, one of the strollers is broken, the one my friend loaned me, of course!

We get outside to wait for the coach to take us to Gatwick airport... I finally get a cigarette in! lol MAJOR head rush!

We got on the coach and finally got to Gatwick airport 11 hours after we should have! The good thing about that was I was sat next to a famous London Make up Artist called Zoe Rene, she gave Brandon a donut

So, my dad could've picked us up in the morning had we landed as planned, but he's at work now and can't pick us up. We had no choice but to get a taxi. £125

I would've paid £1000 if I had it... I just wanted to get home! We paid it, we got home, we're sore and tired and I'm seriously rethinking the whole America move, purely because it would mean flying again one last time at least!

At least we're alive! huh.gif

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  1. Heather what a long and awful trip! But at least you are home now :)