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Friday, 11 August 2006

Draven's Birth Story

I went t the hospital on 10th July 2006 with a headache. I thought they'd just take my blood pressure and send me home, but after giving me pain relief that didn't help, they decided to keep me in. I kept wondering when I could go home, but then some blood results came back showing that my liver wasn't coping too well with the pregnancy, that's when talk of inducing me began (at 38 weeks).

I was given my first pessery at 3:45pm on 15th July, I started getting slightly painful (but very bearable) tightenings coming and going every couple of minutes. Because they were so regular they couldn't give me another pessery to get things moving as it would've sent my uterus into overdrive, so the midwife gave me a shot of pethedine to help me sleep, advising me that if it turned into labour, I'd soon wake up!

Well the next morning came and I was still contracting very mildly, but still very regularly, although it went to every 8 minutes now. Due to them being regular contractions, I shouldn't have been given another pessery, but some bright spark thought it'd be good to give me another one anyway, at 6:45pm.

By 11pm I was contracting very regularly, every 2 minutes apart, but only 1cm dilated. I cried out to the midwife who wouldn't believe I was in "real labour" telling me it's just prostine pains from the pessery, but I insisted it felt nothing like the night before!!
She wouldn't give me any pethadine or anything to help with the pain, or gas and air as she didn't believe I was in labour, claiming my contractions weren't lasting long enough!

At midnight they checked me again - 2cm's dilated, but she said I was very thin and could feel a bulge of water. They had by this time given me some pethedine (which did NOTHING to help, not that I'd noticed anyway?) and I was finally allowed gas and air (maybe they realised I was having a baby by this point!). I had been begging them for AGES to call my mum and Shane to come, but they insisted on waiting until I was in "established labour". Finally at around 2am, still only 2cm's dilated, they decide to call my mum and Shane, because I'd used the whole canister of gas and air, so they deiced to send me round to delivery where it was on tap - yeah!!

They wheel me round to delivery, I get in the room and suddenly I feel this overwhelming sensation that I need to push, and out of my control I do push, it was like the only way to end the contraction! So I'm stood at the bed, ON MY OWN, Pushing!!! A nurse helper person walks in and runs back out for a midwife. The midwife comes in and I tell her the baby's coming! But I want an epidural!! So she says "well let's see if the baby's there or not and we'll see about your epidural". So I get on the bed and she says "oh there's the head, right big push for me!" and I'm thinking "but Shane's not here!!" but also at the same time it got to the point where I just wanted the baby out, he'll just have to miss it then!

Luckily minutes later my mum and Shane walk in! I could see my mum's lip quivering so I said to her "mum don't cry right now, wait until after!" because if she cries, I'll cry and I was a little bit busy!! haha!

9 minutes after Shane and my mum arriving, at 2:34am on Monday, 17th July, 2006, Draven Robert Conway was born! It was a very close one, but they made it! The document said that my labour lasted one hour and 4 minutes ("established labour" I can only assume!)
He weighed 7lb 7.5oz, they don't measure them anymore here so I don't know his length unfortunately.

I tore from my c l i t to where I pee (yes it still hurts!) and a second degree tear inside. Which I found out today is now infected He came shooting out like a rocket, my mum said that's why I tore, I didn't "pant" like you should, I pushed him out with all my might!! And I lost 700ml's of blood! So I'm now on iron for another month.

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