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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Someone bit Draven!

I noticed it this morning when I was getting him dressed. He got dressed this morning before 6:30 because he saw Shane getting ready for work and wanted to go with him. aww! lol
So anyway, I was like "Bloody hell how did that happen!" and showed Shane. He looked at it and said "that must've been me! Last night he kicked his leg up into my mouth and it hit my tooth, but I never thought it'd cause that!"

So Shane went off to work feeling extremely guilty and I'm thinking "there's no way that would've cause a bruise like that, where you can clearly see several teeth marks!"

So when I dropped him off today at preschool, I told the woman there and she said she'll look into it for me. When I went to collect him she said there was a period yesterday where he was on the floor throwing a fit (umm yeah thanks for the phone call!) and crying but they couldn't establish why, there was no kid near him (well obviously! A kid won't bite someone, see their reaction then stick around to get told off!). So she said they don't strip them down etc when they cry to see what's up but she said they'll keep a close eye on him this week to see if there's anyone in particular that's hurting him. So I said "fair enough, these things happen I guess". But still, if he was throwing a fit like she said, they should've called me and maybe he'd have told me his leg hurt.

Here's the bruise:

Posted Image

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