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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

I knew it was too good to be true!

Hmmmm, I thought Draven was ok with Brandon entering our lives. But now on a daily basis he likes to slap him around the face and such.

It's starts off innocent (I think!), he'll go up to Brandon and stroke him and say "oooh, soft!" But then he starts to look like he's being a little rough with him and I say "Careful Draven, gentle!" and then he screams out, slaps Brandon and falls to the floor with a tantrum!

(although as I'm typing this, Draven just said "aww where are you baby brother" - he's asleep in his cradle still).

Sometimes it's dangerous though. Brandon was in his baby bouncer the other day and Draven came along and lifted it to the side and Brandon almost fell out. I freaked out, spanked Draven and put him in time out. But that's no solution, that'll make him resent Brandon even more!

Draven's become so clingy too. He'll literally cling onto my legs and say "mummy! mummy! mummy!"

One minute he's all love for Brandon and he's so sweet. The next minute he's like a posessed demon! :ph34r:

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