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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Draven's 2nd birthday (the party)

I tried to tell them that I made it but it didn't wash - I got it from a bakery lol

My nan and my mum talking to my friend Hayley (Ashton's mum)

One of my friend's twins! - 4 months old

Draven taking a moment to take in the chaos haha

The other little boy Draven's playing with is Joshua who he shared the party with, along with Ashton

My mum enjoying the fact she's not hosting the party lol (she's had 5 kids so it does make a change for her!)

Draven's cake with the candles on

The birthday boy eating his party food

My brother trying to avoid the camera

Draven's cake

Josh's cake

Ashton's cake

When Draven woke up from his nap after the party - VERY blurry!

Excuse my jeans on the floor (I was in a hurry before the party! lol)

How cool!!!

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