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Friday, 11 January 2008

Draven & I met up with some ladies and their babies from the July 2006 birth board

Here's Leah holding Draven

...and again haha

Heather's gorgeous kids, minus the boy o_o

Some creepy Dinosour bones

Alli & Aidan

Aidan & Draven

Draven, Alli & Teagan

Aidan, Draven & Alli

Well you know who they are by now...

Shane's mum with Draven

The mum's! (Leah had to leave early)

Draven afterwards at Steak N Shake!

SORRY So many!!

And of course let's not forget I also met up with Xavier & Ella's mum, Amanda too! hehe =

And this is Draven on his way home to Grandma's house..

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